7 traits that make Nairobi StanChart Marathon uniquely Kenyan


The annual Standard Chartered Marathon Nairobi takes place early Sunday morning, with as many as 20,000 runners participating.

The run, which began in 2003, is now the coolest sporting event here in Kenya.

Maybe it is the goody bag. Or the bragging rights that the white shirt will give you – yes, you walked at least 10 km this year.

One thing’s for sure though. The run burns some of your fats and a hole in your pocket.

Below are seven signs why this run is already part of Kenya’s tradition.

  1. The Guest of Honor is a sports Cabinet Secretary 

High profile individuals have taken part in this race. In 2016, the former immediate Nairobi governor Evans Kidero launched the race.

Former Vice President Moody Awori and the present Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Charles Keter were president.  This year, the race will be graced by the Cabinet Secretary for Sports and Culture Rashid Echesa.

He will also run first before he could probably share policy announcements on how the marathon could be improved, like having its finale at the Sports Hub.

2. Funny  mascots

We have openings for mascots Mascots for major sporting events as a major source of publicity and revenue raising through merchandising. Possibly, the mascot is thought to bring luck. In this marathon you will not miss them.

3. The child prodigy

On alight note, some parents risk their children’s well-being for a picture perfect moment. Or a selfie.

4. The Selfie MP

The word is Nomophobia.  The fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term, an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”, was coined during a UK Post Office study that look at anxieties suffered by mobile phone users. There are some runners who hold their phones in their hands while running lest they miss an important call.

5. Senior citizens marathoners

Some of the elder citizens have taken part in the StanChart Marathon Nairobi since its inception. This senior citizens has inspired many with their courage and we are truly honored to have them run in these races. Sport has the power to change lives and by running for the Seeing in Believing Initiative, they will be will be inspiring many individuals and corporate supporters to make a difference to those in need.

6. Catch the moment

Some marathoners love the selfies that they can’t miss the opportunity to have one. In these races, you can’t fail to see many moments where participants take selfies with friends, other runners or even dignitaries.

7. Drama queens

There are runners especially girls who will cherish the moments so deep by doing some things  thus turning the moments into drama scenes.


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